Health Action Teams

Community–based Health Action Teams (HATs) are a vital part of Apunipima’s community control model. Health Action Teams are made up of community-based volunteers who meet on a regular basis to discuss the health needs of their communities and feed the information back to Apunipima.

Health Action Teams:

  • Are the link between Apunipima and the community
  • Have a common goal of improving health outcomes in their communities
  • Ensure that community health services are culturally appropriate and relevant
  • Work with health professionals to develop Community Health Plans which address community health needs - this might be introducing new services or changing the way current services are delivered
  • Make decisions about health issues on behalf of the community
  • Work with existing community groups including the council, aged care services and homeland communities
  • Are accountable to the local community

Health Action Team volunteers are highly valued; most are members of several community-based committees and have to balance these responsibilities with work and family.

As Health Action Teams work for the community in which they live, each plan is tailored specifically to the needs of that community - it is not a one-system-fits-all approach. Each Health Action Team is unique and operates in a way that is best for them and their community.

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Health Action Team model

Community – based Health Action Teams (HATs) are a vital part of Apunipima’s community control model