Apunipima, under its constitution, is required to hold Board elections every three years. Members of Apunipima are able to become Board members through a nomination, selection and election process.


In accordance with the constitution there will be a call for nominations issued to each member as part of a nomination pack comprising a letter of invitation, nomination form, board responsibilities fact sheet and timeline.

The call for nominations is also advertised in each community.

The nomination period generally lasts for approximately four weeks.


Once nominations have been received the nomination assessment panel will be convened to assess the quality of nominations and select suitable candidates for election.

The Nomination Assessment Panel comprises the Chairman, two Health Action Team Chairs and two independent persons with links to health and/or community.

Should any members of the assessment panel stand for election they will be required to excuse themselves at the point where candidates for their region are assessed.

The Nomination Assessment Panel also provides oversight of the final count.

Once the nominees have been selected by the assessment panel, regional candidate profiles will be sent to each member prior to the vote.


Apunipima staff are responsible for vote collection and will generally do so by visiting each member personally to obtain their vote. Staff will be given ballot cards for each member in their community and will be tasked with obtaining the votes of those members.

Each member has the opportunity to vote but can choose not to do so.   

Once all votes have been cast the ballot papers will be returned to Cairns and, with the Nomination Assessment Panel providing oversight, counted.
Once the vote has been counted, successful candidates will be notified and then sworn in at the next Annual General Meeting.




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Apunipima Board

Elections will take place in the last quarter of 2016.