Management Team

Apunipima's Management Team is responsible for making sure the strategic objectives set by the Board are met. They take the Board's vision and make it operational by prioritising the organisations activities to meet funder and community requirements and are the key decision makers for all high level operational matters. They manage Apunipima's relationships with its wide range of stakeholders and communicate Apunipima's strategic direction to the organisation and beyond. They maintain overall leadership responsibility for the Quality Management System and associated processed to meet business outcomes.  

Cleveland Fagan, Acting Chief Executive Officer

Cleveland Fagan was Apunipima's CEO for over a decade before making the decision to resign earlier this year in order to spend more time with his family and pursue other interests. Cleveland is holding position of Acting CEO until the new CEO takes up the role.

Paula Arnol, Executive Manager Primary Health Care

Paula has worked in the community controlled health sector for many years and currently heads up Apunipima's Primary Health Care team. Paula provides leadership, strategy and support to enable Apunipima's health care professionals to deliver best practice care to the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people of Cape York.

Wayne Massey, Executive Manager Business Services

Wayne provides business and financial leadership to support the delivery of Apunipima's comprehensive primary health care model. Wayne drives infrastructure and IT initiaves to optimise service delivery in the Cape as well as overseeing compliance and monitoring of funding contracts. Wayne is also the Company Secretary, playing a key advisory role to the Board. 

Dr Mark Wenitong, Public Health Medical Advisor

As a leader in his field, Dr Mark Wenitong's role is to provide strategic leadership, support, and advice to the Board, CEO and senior management team to achieve the strategic plans and vision of Apunipima.

Dr Oscar Whitehead, Acting Senior Medical Advisor

Dr Whitehead provides clinical leadership to implement, monitor, and evaluate Apunipima's comprehensive primary health care model and service delivery, overseeing and managing clinical governance frameworks, systems and research initiatives.