Apunipima’s community governance comes from its community controlled philosophy. As a membership organisation, Apunipima is community controlled. Its board is comprised of elected members, each held to account by the Health Action Team in their region.

A community controlled organisation is one that is ‘For the community, by the community’.

Community Control:

  • Is based on the right to self-determination
  • Allows community members to control their health service
  • Is independent and autonomous

Community Controlled Health Organisations:

  • Are for the community and by the community
  • Give local people a say about their health services
  • Are controlled by the local community
  • Provide culturally appropriate health care
  • Meet the health needs of the community they serve

Apunipima works with communities to make sure local people receive the local health services they need and want and to keep the patient/client at the centre of the service.

Community members can have their say by establishing a Health Action Team (HAT). Health Action Teams are made up of local people and health professionals. They look at the health needs of the local population and work together to design a health service specifically tailored for the community.

Community controlled health services utilise the current best practice and clinical evidence base and have a highly competent and professional health workforce, who work with communities to provide the best possible service.

With a community controlled health service the solution to the health needs of your community are in your hands: services are established by your community for your community.

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For the community, by the community

Apunipima works with communities to make sure local people receive the health services they need and want