Coming to Cairns

If you are reading this you are very close to having your baby! We will support you before, after and during your trip to Cairns.

Before you come to Cairns

Go to your local Health Centre and make arrangements for the Patient Travel Subsidy Scheme which helps you with travel and accommodation arrangements. There are a number of places to stay and your Health Worker will run through these. Mookai Rosie is a popular choice for many new mums and children are welcome

If you are flying to Cairns, Apunipima’s Client Travel Service can pick you up from the airport. Ensure your Health Worker organises this for you. You will need to know how many of you will be travelling, what time you arrive and where you are staying.

If you are driving remember you will need a car seat to bring baby home. Remember to keep your fuel receipts to be reimbursed by patient travel.

Make sure your Health Centre or Health Worker has your contact details for Cairns so our team in Cairns can make contact.

What to pack to come to Cairns

  • ATM Card
  • Licence or 18+ Card
  • Medicare Card
  • Healthcare or Pension Concession Card
  • Your Birth Certificate
  • Toiletries
  • Comfortable clothes for before and after the baby
  • Contact details for friends and family
  • Your travel paperwork

If you do not have some of the cards you need talk to one of the Health Workers.

Arriving at Cairns Airport

When you arrive at the airport collect your bags. If you are travelling on an Apunipima bus to your accommodation you will see the Apunipima bus and our friendly bus driver will be expecting you. A small meal is provided to you on the bus.

Have a talk to our bus driver if you would like to know where you can find food and groceries. Also let the bus driver know if you have any appointments you need to go to while you are in Cairns.

Arriving at your accommodation

Check in, it is now time to relax and prepare yourself for the arrival of your baby.

After you are settled Maternal and Child Health Worker Tamara and Midwife Nie will contact you and arrange to meet you.

We will talk you through the birth and labour process and also let you know about the birthing classes for women only. It is very helpful and you will be with other new mums to be. There are also classes with partners and one just for young mums. Your support person is welcome.

You will have a booking in appointment with the doctor. We can help and support you with these appointments and with the Cairns Hospital visit before you go into hospital to have your baby.

If you or your partner is worried about becoming parents, we can talk to you about what may be worrying you.

If your partner wants to talk to a Men’s Health Worker we can organise that.

We will give you your second Baby Basket so you are ready for your stay at hospital.

Usually you will stay in hospital up to five days.

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Baby Basket 2 (of 3)

Apunipima’s Baby Basket program provides essentials such as nappies, singlets and toiletries to pregnant and new mums.