Mum’s health

Your health as a new mum is very important, for you, your baby and your family. We will talk to you about your own situation.

In the meantime this is general information for all mums:

Whopping Cough and Tuberculosis (TB) Immunisations (Needles)

Your doctor or nurse will talk to you about Whopping Cough and Tuberculosis needles. They will talk to you about what the illnesses are, what could happen to you or your baby and how the needles can stop you both from getting sick. Feel free to ask them as many questions as you like.

Your Six Week Check Up

Your Health Worker, nurse or doctor will want to see you at around six weeks to check on how you are recovering from pregnancy and delivery. If you had a C Section they will check your incision to make sure it is healing properly.

We will do an overall health check for you to make sure everything in your body is going back to normal and talk to you about a range of things that you may have been wondering about. This is the time to let us know if you are feeling uncomfortable or having any symptoms (e.g. pain, cramping) and signs (your C-Section is leaking) you are worried about. You do not have to wait for this check-up to ask questions. If you have concerns speak to your local Health Worker or clinic worker.

Your Health and Wellbeing

Sometimes as a new mum you can experience the baby blues in the days and weeks after giving birth. If you’re worried or just want to talk to someone your Health Worker and child health nurse are able to support you and answer any questions.

Mums and Bubs group

When you feel you and your baby are ready you may want to join a mums and bubs group. Ask your Health Worker for about your local group.

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Take care of yourself so you take care of others

Make sure you look after yourself as taking care of bub is a lot of work