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Hopevale, (or Hope Vale), is an Aboriginal community on Cape York Peninsula about 46 km northwest of Cooktown by road, and about 10 km off the Battlecamp Road that leads to Lakefield National Park and Laura. Hopevale is located in a valley surrounded by tropical native bushland, mountain ranges, pristine coastal plains and diverse flora and fauna.

The community was initially intended as a refuge for the Guugu-Yimidhirr people as a result of the Palmer River gold rush. Hopevale is a diverse community comprised of traditional owners and a mix of people who moved into the area. Hopevale was established as a Lutheran Mission in September 1949, for Aboriginal people from Cape Bedford and Hope Valley settlements.

Hope Vale is home to thirteen clan groups who mostly speak GuuguYimithirr and other related languages, as well as English.

The Thuubi Warra clan are the Traditional Owners of the land at Hope Vale. GuuguYimidhirr is the main language speaking group.

Hopevale is one of the four Cape York Welfare Reform sites. Cape York Welfare Reform was originally a four year trial (2008 – 2012) that aimed to rebuild social norms through welfare reforms, education and economic opportunities.

Still continuing today, partners in the trial are the Australian and Queensland Governments and the Cape York Institute for Policy and Leadership. Local Program Offices coordinate local implementation of the Cape York Welfare Reforms and each office comprises employees from Australian and Queensland Governments, Cape York Partnerships and a local community member.

Hopevale is also one of the six priority Queensland sites identified by the Council of Australian Governments Remote Service Delivery (RSD) National Partnership Agreement. 

The Remote Service Delivery model, which also encompasses Cape York Welfare Reform initiatives, focuses on reforming the way government agencies work together in remote areas, to improve coordination and collaboration across all levels of government with each community.

In 1986 the community of Hopevale became the first to receive a Deed of Grant in Trust (DOGIT) and formed the Hopevale Aboriginal Council.


Endeavour River, Cooktown

Hopevale is 46 km northwest of Cooktown


Children’s Health Checks

Apunipima conducts regular school – based Children’s Health Checks.