How We Work

Community Health Services

Apunipima has a fully equipped health centre in Mossman Gorge, with community teams located in Mapoon and Coen, and a base in Cooktown. With a mixture of community-based and fly-in / fly-out staff. Apunipima provides a full range of GP, allied health and health promotion services across Cape York communities. Apunipima also has a specialist paediatrician working across the Cape, supported by the Family Health Team and a Public Health Specialist.

Family Health Team

The Family Health Team is made up of nurses, doctors, a paediatrician, health workers, midwives and a speech pathologist. The Family Health Team’s role is to support women and their families to have a quality, healthy family, from birth through to adulthood and they do this through the delivery of a wide range of programs. They provide midwifery support, health advice throughout pregnancy and beyond, child health checks, vaccinations and immunisations, ear health and family planning.

Men’s Health Team

The Men’s Health Team consists of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health Workers and a Team Leader. The team provides a range of early intervention, health promotion and prevention strategies for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander men in Cape York as part of an integrated primary health care team. Clinical support is provided through local health clinics including providing alternative access for men to engage in their health and wellbeing within the family and the broader community. This is done by engaging and supporting existing men’s groups or other settings where men gather, such as local footy teams or community job networks. The team works closely with the Family Health Team to encourage men in supporting the health of their partners and children.

Healthy Lifestyles

The Healthy Lifestyles Team is made up of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health workers, doctors, diabetes educators, allied health professionals (podiatrists, nutritionists, dietitians, tobacco action workers) and health promotion officers who work with people at risk of or with a chronic disease such as diabetes, heart disease, kidney disease or lung disease. The team works one on one delivering clinical services in addition to running preventative health and education programs aimed at empowering individuals and communities to take control of and improve their health. The team will liaise and work with local health staff and the community to ensure program and services are appropriate and relevant to community needs.

Social and Emotional Wellbeing

Apunipima’s approach to primary health care emphasises health and wellness and believes that responding to social and emotional wellbeing issues ensures a more holistic approach to client care. The Social and Emotional Wellbeing team provide practical assistance such as preparing clients for parenthood, improving resilience and decision-making skills, reinforcing positive parenting methods, enabling access to drug and alcohol services and supporting early healthy lifestyle interventions for children and adolescents.

Corporate Support Services

Apunipima’s Corporate Support Services Team provide a strategic and operational support to the organisation, from organisation development and support to the Board through to a range of support functions to enhance operational functioning in health service delivery and community development. These functions include Finance, Human Resources, Communications, Quality, Health and Safety, IT, Infrastructure, and Compliance and Monitoring that deliver a wide range of support services and specialist expertise to support the operations of the organisation.

measuring bub

Measuring bub

Apunipima provides comprehensive primary health care service through its general, specialist and allied health services.