Apunipima Cape York Health Council provides comprehensive primary health care to eleven Cape York communities via its Healthy Lifestyles and Family Health teams. Apunipima also provides a client transport service to enable people travelling to Cairns from Cape York for medical treatment to be collected from airport, taken to their accommodation and appointments and dropped back at the airport.

Healthy Lifestyles

Our Healthy Lifestyles team deliver clinical services in addition to running preventative health and education programs. The team work closely with local health staff and members of the community to ensure the relevance of programs and services.

The Healthy Lifestyles team cover:

Family Health

Our Family Health Team is made up of nurses, doctors, a paediatrician, health workers, men's health team and midwives. We support the people of Cape York to have a quality healthy family from birth through to adulthood and we do this through the delivery of a wide range of programs including:


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Comprehensive primary health care

Apunipima's Maternal and Child Health team look after Cape York's mums and bubs