Laura is located 290 kilometres north-west of Cairns. The country around Laura is one of Australia’s major sites for rock art, and is perhaps most famous for its rock galleries of images depicting the giant Quinkan spirit figures.

With a population of only 80 people it is one of the smallest Aboriginal communities in Cape York but is internationally renowned for its dance festival.

The Laura Dance Festival, a celebration of Aboriginal art and culture in Cape York, is held every two years with the next event scheduled for 2015. The festival began in the early 1980s and is believed to be the longest running Aboriginal cultural festival in Australia. Over three days, the event showcases the culture of the Aboriginal people of Cape York through song and dance, attracting thousands of visitors from across Australia and overseas.

The hilly sandstone bluffs surrounding Laura contain some of the largest galleries of Aboriginal rock art to be found in Australia. Many of the galleries feature depictions of Quinkans, spirits or supernatural beings who are believed to inhabit the sandstone bluffs. For this reason Laura is known as Quinkan country. The Ang-Gnarra Aboriginal Corporation manages the rock art galleries today.


Laura Festival 2013

Celebrating and sharing culture at the 20th Laura Aboriginal Dance Festival