Apunipima staff help celebrate Naidoc at Wujal Wujal

Staff helped the Wujal Wujal community celebrate Naidoc Day on October 1 at its community hall.

NAIDOC celebrates the history, culture and achievements of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.

Apunipima’s team of service provider were some of the faces on the ground as they joined other internal and external providers as well as Wujal Wujal Council, Cooktown District Community Centre, Wujal Wujal Well Being Centre, PCYC, Jalabina Rangers and Home and Community Care.

Apunipima staff brightly decorated and drove one of Apunipima’s marked cars in a parade and had an information stall featuring displays relating to messages including healthy lunchboxes, the health effects of consuming too many sugary drinks, smoking and tobacco.

Apunipima’s Healthy Lifestyle Worker (Tobacco) Margaret Ross-Kelly said children had the chance to take part in a colouring-in competition and a NAIDOC canvas art board.

Children also had the opportunity to take part in face painting, a basketball competition and it was a fun-filled day of networking and socialising for those who attended the celebrations.

“NAIDOC Day gave us an opportunity to help promote healthy lifestyles and health messages such as what’s in a cigarette, how much sugar are in the drinks people consume and the benefits of being active,” Margaret said.

“NAIDOC at Wujal Wujal was a success and most importantly, fun was had by everyone."Naidoc at Wujal webs