Staying A Step Ahead

Best Foot Forward Web SmallStudents in Kowanyama, were lucky enough to recieve a visit from  Podiatrist, Alen Rusmir, as Part of Apunipima's Healthy Kids Program.

Alen talked about the importance of good health and the effects smoking has on our feet. Alen said “The dangers of smoking not only effect our heart our lungs and our teeth but also have a negative effect on our foot health and ability to play sport. These negative effects include poor circulation and painful corn formations.”

Alen showed the kids what it felt like through a walking activity involving a small pebble stuck under their feet to appreciate the painful effects of smoking on foot health. The kids responded by saying they knew family members who were limping around due to painful corns due to smoking.

Clare Brown, Community Dietitian teamed up with Fiona Millard, Health Promotion Officer to discuss the importance of a good diet and cooked up a storm with the help of some eager students. “The vege pikelets are a great healthy snack or meal, made with wholemeal flour and a variety of fresh and canned vegetables that can easily be adapted to suit what is available in the community store."

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