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2018 Will be a Defining Year for Jaydah

Jaydah CIAFApunipima’s Receptionist from our Cairns office, Jaydah Savage, has some big plans for 2018.  They aren’t New Year’s Resolutions, they are more like goals and ambitions for the year ahead.

Jaydah has decided to make this year a new beginning, with two major focuses. The first is her health and the second her promising career in the health sector.

This has all come about because 2017 was a challenging year for her. “It was a year that sent me a lot of random challenges, to test me,” Jaydah said.

The challenges began when she tore her ACL, which is considered the most debilitating knee ligament injury you can have. This prevented her from playing and training for Rugby Union and Touch football, which she did more than five days each week.

After her injury, Jaydah’s diet slowly became filled with fast food and grab and go snacks. Her diet had become irregular and unhealthy. “I just took the attitude that she’ll be right. I didn’t need the healthy food because I wasn’t playing sport or training.” Jaydah admitted.
2018 will be a busy year for Jaydah, with a date for her knee surgery in February and she is confident of securing a position studying Social Work at James Cook University.

After feeling flat, sluggish and more than a little unhealthy, she has plans in place to turn that all around this year.  Jaydah understands that it will take time for her knee to heal after her surgery in February, but she will follow her doctors' advice, do her physio and with her diet back on track Jaydah is confident that she will be back to her old self in no time.

“If I have learned one thing working at Apunipima, it is that we don’t realise how the little ‘bad’ things we do affect our health. It all adds up over time.” Jaydah will continue her work in the health sector, 2018 is looking like it will be a significant year.

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