ICE Advice

ICE Advice

Which Way that ICE?

ICE can be called “shabu” “glass” “tina” “crystal meth” and is the purest form of “speed”, from the methamphetamine family of drugs.

It looks like small white (or blue) crystals and can be smoked, injected, or even eaten to get high, and may be easy to get in Cape York, Weipa, Cooktown and Cairns.

It causes an intense high and is easy to get addicted to.

You might think it’s cheap because it doesn’t cost too much at first, but once you are hooked the price goes up. 

How do I know if someone is on ICE?

They breathe faster, have shaky hands and fingers, are hot and sweating, have stomach cramps, blurred vision, bad headaches, dizziness ,difficulty sleeping, not eating as much, can be angry and aggressive, Hallucinations (seeing or hearing things), paranoia and psychosis (acting crazy), panic attacks, Itching, picking, scratching skin 

What are the health effects?

Paranoia (feel like everyone looking at them); Increased risk of stroke; High risk of addiction; Sleep problems (may not be able to sleep for days and weeks); Memory loss; Blood-borne infections (like hepatitis C and HIV) if needle-sharing; Weight loss and poor eating; Heart and lung problems; Increased risk of kidney problems; Depression; Loss of ability to make decisions/think; Overdose and death; If pregnant mum takes ICE, it can affect the baby.

Withdrawal symptoms: 

Want more ice all the time, can’t think properly, apathy/feel proper slack, get depression, anxiety and panic, paranoia, tiredness, headaches, general aches and pains, hunger and increased appetite, poor, restless sleep with nightmares

Why would people take this? 

Some take this for fun, some are talked into taking it, some from boredom, and some may have other problems with family or at school and may be depressed and think it make them feel better. Drug dealers sometimes make the first few hits cheaper until people are addicted.

Need help? Worried about your friend or cuz? or want more information? 

Go to your local clinic or see your local health worker. It’s ALL CONFIDENTIAL – which means no one else will know what you talked about unless you want us to get someone else to help you. Need more information on ICE? Check out our Resource Page

For anonymous support contact:

Kids Helpline: 1800 55 1800
Alcohol and Drug Info Service: 1800 177 833