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hornislandHorn Island

Horn Island is an island in the Torres Strait, in Queensland's north between the Australian mainland and Papua New Guinea. Horn Island is located in the Torres Strait approximately 2km south east of Thursday Island, 900km north of Cairns and 40km north northwest of the tip of Cape York.

According to the 2011 census, 539 people live on Horn Island, with 329 identifying as Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander.

Also known as Ngurupai Island to the local population, Horn Island thrives on pearling, fishing and until recently, gold mining.

Horn Island is home to the only airport in the Torres Strait and is described as the busiest regional airport in Australia.

Coming under the Torres Shire Council, Horn Island is a bustling island of people coming to explore the island itself and those travelling through to other islands in the Torres Strait.

The Kaurareg are the traditional owners of the island, and call their island home Nguruapai.


Horn Island

The Kaurareg are the traditional owners of the island which they call Nguruapai