lockhartriverLockhart River

Lockhart River Aboriginal Community is an extremely remote community on the eastern coastline of Cape York Peninsula. The nearest city of Cairns is about 800 km to the south.

The Lockhart River people’s traditional territories span from Double Point in the north to Breakfast Creek in the south and inland to the mountains of the Great Dividing Range. Lockhart River is located on the traditional lands of the Southern KuukuYa'u (Kanthanumpu) and is bound by rainforest, low mountain ranges and the sea.

Most of the population lives in the community town area itself. There are two 'Outstations'. The first is at 'Old Site' and is only normally used during the dry season when vehicles can drive to that location on a rough inland road. It is sometimes used as a "weekender" by some local families during the calm weather over the Christmas to January period.

The second 'Outstation' is at Chillie Beach and is normally occupied all year round by the Hobson family group. It remains accessible by road and water most of the time.

A number of smaller communities also exist: these are Wattle Hills Station, Pascoe River 'Farm', Chillie Beach, Packer's Bay and Portland Roads.


Lockhart River artwork

Local art featuring birds, animals, marine life and plants