Clincial Guidelines

The Chronic Conditions Manual: Prevention and Management of Chronic Conditions in Australia 1st Edition 2015


Apunipima Healthy Catering Guidelines

Apunipima Healthy Catering Guidelines for External Providers using Apunipima Facilities

Monitoring and Evaluation

Anaemia in young children of Cape York Summary Report

Anaemia in young children of Cape York - Results of a Chart Audit

Health Strategy

Nutrition Strategy

Client Resources

Good Sugars


Strong Heart

Having a Hard Yarn - Sexual Health 

Domestic Violence

Cycle of Violence - Poster

Preparing to Leave - Poster


ICE Advice

ICE Resources

Foetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD)

FASD It's in Your Hands Video 

FASD Flipchart Video

FASD Brochure

FASD - A Few Drinks Poster

FASD - Hands Poster

FASD - Pregnancy Poster

FASD - The Message Poster 

FASD - Report - Resources - Multimedia resources and books

Community Health

Aurukun Community 

Aurukun Community Snaspshot Qtr 1 - 16/17

Aurukun Community Snaspshot 2014/15

Aurukun Community Snapshot 2013/14

Coen Community

Coen Community Snaspshot Qtr 1 - 16/17

Coen Community Snapshot 2014/15

Coen Community Snapshot 2013/14 

Hopevale Community

Hopevale Community Snaspshot Qtr 1 - 16/17

Hopevale Community Snapshot 2014/15

Hopevale Community Snapshot 2013/14

Kowanyama Community

Kowanyama Community Snaspshot Qtr 1 - 16/17

Kowanyama Community Snapshot 2014/15

Kowanyama Community Snapshot 2013/14

Laura Community

Laura Community Snaspshot Qtr 1 - 16/17

Laura Community Snapshot 2014/15

Laura Community Snapshot 2013/14

Lockhart River Community

Lockhart River Community Snaspshot Qtr 1 - 16/17

Lockhart River Community Snapshot 2014/15

Lockhart River Community Snapshot 2013/14

Mapoon Community

Mapoon Community Snaspshot Qtr 1 - 16/17

Mapoon Community Snapshot 2014/15

Mapoon Community Snapshot 2013/14

Mossman Gorge Community

Mossman Gorge Community Snaspshot Qtr 1 - 16/17

Mossman Gorge Community Snapshot 2014/15

Mossman Gorge Community Snapshot 2013/14

Napranum Community

Napranum Community Snaspshot Qtr 1 - 16/17

Napranum Community Snapshot 2014/15

Napranum Community Snapshop 2013/14

Pormpuraaw Community

Pormpuraaw Community Snaspshot Qtr 1 - 16/17

Pormpuraaw Community Snapshot 2014/15

Pormpuraaw Community Snapshot 2013/14

Wujal Wujal Community

Wujal Wujal Community Snaspshot Qtr 1 - 16/17

Wujal Wujal Community Snapshot 2014/15

Wujal Wujal Community Snapshot 2013/14 

Corporate Documents

Apunipima Strategic Plan  

Apunipima Model of Care 

Deed of Commitment

Annual Reports

Annual Report Highlights 2015-2016

Annual Report Highlights 2014-2015

Annual Report Highlights 2013-2014 

Annual Report Highlights 2012-2013 

Annual Report Highlights 2011-2012

Annual Report Highlight 2010 -2011

Annual Report Highlights 2008/2009/2010

Annual Report 2004-2005

Annual Report 2001

Annual Report 2000

Annual Report 1999

Annual Report 1996-1997


A Partnership Approach to Delivering Health Education in Remote Indigenous Communities

Baby Basket Evaluation Fact Sheet

Apunipima represented on Leadership Group of National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) Centre of Research Excellence for Improving Health Services for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Children 


Australian Charter of Healthcare Rights

Australian Medical Association Aboriginal Health Report 2012-2013

Building on Close the Gap 2013

Coalition Health Policy

Innovations in Accreditation of Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Services

Making Tracks

National Action to Reduce Indigenous Smoking Rates Factsheet

National Partnership Agreement on Closing the Gap in Indigenous Health Outcomes

National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Womens Strategy May 2010

Self-Reported Health Status 2009 - 2010 Cape York Health Service Summary Report

Vegie Man Costume Loan Form

Need for Feed Facilitator Manual - Eight Module Introduction - Please contact Nutririon Team on 07 40377 136

Need for Feed Student Manual - Eight Module -  Please contact Nutrition Team on 07 40 377 136

Need for Feed Facilitator Manual - Five Module - Please contact Nutrition Team on 07 40 377 136

Need for Feed Student Manual - Five Module - Please contact Nutrition Team on 07 40 377 136